The Best Indestructible Squeak Toys For Dogs

squeak dog toy

tough squeak toyDo you have a dog who loves squeaky toys? But only to destroy them within minutes. We ran into this problem so we went on the search for the best indestructible squeak toy.

We narrowed it down to the Nerf Dog rubber football squeaker. It’s made of heavy duty thick rubber making it extra durable. Yet it’s still easy for dogs to bite down on and make it squeak.

The squeaker is 7 inches long, it’s about the size of two tennis balls. It’s marketed towards medium to larger sized dogs. Smaller dogs can play with it but they’ll have a hard time wrapping their jaws around it.

Throwing the Nerf football is easy. It has enough weight behind it to be thrown pretty far. It works just as well as a ball to play fetch with. If you haven’t taught your dog to fetch you should. It’s a great way to bond with your pup and stimulate their mind.

Anything with a squeaker is the quickest way to get the attention of any dog. They’ll come running into the direction of the sounds to investigate.

Why do dogs love squeaky toys so much?

squeaky dog toyDogs go absolutely nuts over anything that makes squeaky sounds. Their natural instincts kick in when they hear it. They won’t stop until the toy is “dead” and the squeaking stops.

It is believed they got it from their ancestors; wolves. Small animals that are preyed on make sounds when they are scared or injured. These toys mimic that, triggering a basic instinct your dog can’t ignore.

Things that we liked

dog toy squeakThe tough rubber material makes this toy weather resistant. Even if it’s left outside it won’t crack and deteriorate. It will resist water and it can float on water. Water can get in through the squeaker hole but it does not get in so easily. The squeaker valve helps stop the water from coming into the toy. You have to force it by submerging the dog toy and squeezing it under water.

indestructible squeak toyWashing the toy is simple. Just give it a good spray and all the dirt will come right off. Don’t be alarmed if the toy stops squeaking. The water inside drains and dries up after a couple of days of play.

Dogs also love to chew on the Nerf rubber football. This also helps to clean their teeth.

Our furry friend loves the Nerf squeak toy. His favorite game is to try and keep it away from us whenever we try to take it from him. He even takes it with him whenever he needs to go outside to use the bathroom.

Things that we didn’t like

Over time the ends of the football can get chewed up. Little bits of rubber will come off and this might be a problem for some dogs. If your dog swallows everything they chew up. Keep an eye on them and teach them not to swallow anything they shouldn’t. Luckily our pup spits out any of the rubber if it ends up in his mouth.

What other owners are saying

Dog owners with large dogs weighing more than 80 pounds love it. Their dogs have no problems with it and it has been able to survive a lot of strong chewers.

Some have run into the problem of the squeaker coming off. But compared to other toys it lasts way longer. Plus the price is right making it worth its value.

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