How Wolves Evolved into Dogs

wolf dogs playing

Before the dawn of cute little pugs and Yorkies, wolves were the only canines in existence. Humans and dogs formed a bond like no other animal alive. Dogs were slowly domesticated by humans forming a symbiotic relationship. People needed protection from other animals and tribes. While wolves needed shelter and food. As time passed by wolves evolved into less threatening animals today known as dogs.

Some believed that humans trapped and caught wolves that were just baby cubs. Others even believe that the dog domesticated humans. Friendly wolves were the ones that came up to us. Foraging for left over scraps around settlements. The ones that were friendly and brave enough grew closer to humans. Any sign of aggression would get them killed.

Eventually the friendly wolves were accepted into the human tribes. They leaned to adapt and read human gestures. They got so good at it even the slightest gesture can be read. As time went by these dogs started to look less aggressive. Their ears flopped and the infamous tail wag is a very distinct feature of modern domesticated dogs.
wolf dogs playing

A pair of wolf dogs probably fighting over who gets the last piece of chicken. Most humans wouldn’t come near a pair of dogs like this. If you do though, make sure you have some treats on hand!

german shepherd

A German shepherd who looks a little timid and relaxed. With a huge grin on his face. This breed of dog is much closer to it’s wolf blood line. They are widely trained along side law enforcement or as working dogs protecting families.


The Yorkie is one of the more popular breeds of dogs. Due to their small size they’re a lot easier to take care of. And don’t they look cute?

pug puppy

If you know someone that owns a Pug. You’ll know they love em to bits!

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