Irresistible Dog Treats

dogs eating icecream

Here are some dog treats your pup will get excited about! Simple foods you probably have in your home.

dogs eating icecream
Photo by Emma Burnett


I have yet to see a dog who does not love chicken. It’s a great treat to give your dog when you’re training them because they’ll be highly motivated to get it. Buying training treats at the store can get really expensive especially if you do a lot of training.

Baked or Boiled chicken breast is the best way to prepare it. Don’t buy any chicken that has been seasoned. When the chicken has been cooked you can break it up into tiny pieces with a fork or your hands. One chicken breast will last you a long training session. Any leftovers can be put in the fridge for the next day of dog training.

Chewy Dog Treats

These can be bought in the store. They’re small little treats that are made for training your dog. It’s great to bring along with you to the dog park if you’re going to be doing an outdoor lesson.

Baby Carrots

A crunchy vegetable dogs love munching on. If you have a bigger dog you can feed them the baby carrots whole. Cut it into smaller bits for the puppers.

Give them some time to chew and swallow the carrot before feeding them more.

dog apple
Photo by Scott Cromwell


A sweet juicy treat for your dog. Chop it up into small pieces to fit your dog’s size.

Make sure the seeds and stem are removed before giving them this yummy treat.

homemade dog treats
Photo by Brown Eyed Baker

Homemade Dog Treats

These are the best dog treats you can give your dog. You know exactly what’s in it so you know exactly what goes into your dog’s diet.

You can find a ton of homemade recipes online and don’t worry there are ones that are easy to follow.

We’ll be adding our own homemade recipes to the site soon! If you have any recipes of your own that you’d like to share please leave it in the comments.

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