Thanksgiving Day Foods That Can Kill Or Harm Your Dog

thanksgiving food avoid

thanksgiving food avoid

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Families are getting together and celebrating with an abundance of food. If you got Mr. Doggo lurking around you already know someone is going to give him some turkey from the dinner table. Many of the foods eaten during Thanksgiving can seriously harm or even kill your beloved dog.

Here is a list of food you should avoid feeding your dog on Thanksgiving

Turkey Skin

turkey skin

You want to avoid giving turkey skin to your dog. It’s high in fat and it contains all the herbs & spices. Herbs such as sage contain essential oils that can cause dogs to get an upset stomach.

Eating the skin can lead to vomiting. Consuming high concentrations of fat may develop into pancreatitis.

Turkey Bones

turkey bones

It’s tempting to give dogs all the leftovers, even the bones. Dogs love bones, so why not give it to them?

During cooking the bones get soft and brittle. This can lead to bone splinters once the dog starts chewing on it. Swallowing this can lead to a lot of problems. The splinters can get stuck in their digestive system. Causing severe pain or irregular bowel movements.

If your dog ingests any turkey bones make sure you monitor them. If they start throwing up you should take them to the vet immediately.

Stuffing with Garlic & Onions

thanksgiving stuffing

Stuffing made with garlic and onions is very dangerous for your dog. These two vegetables contain sulfides and are very toxic towards dogs. The red blood cells will become damaged which can result in death.

Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes

If you feed a dog plain mashed potatoes it’s perfectly fine. Mashed potatoes served during Thanksgiving comes with extras. It usually contains butter, salt, sour cream, and green onions.

Eating it can give a dog an upset stomach and diarrhea.


cooked ham

Cooked ham contains a lot of salt. Just like with humans consuming too much salt will harm dogs. Salty foods will cause dogs to drink a lot more water than usual which could lead to bloating. A serious issue that should not be ignored.



Most dog owners would never give any alcohol to dogs. But their misinformed guests may give them some. Alcohol is a poison and should not be given to dogs.


macadamia nuts

The toxic nuts dogs must avoid are walnuts and macadamia nuts. If consumed dogs can become lethargic or even paralyzed after 12 hours of eating them. Other issues that might arise are vomiting, tremors, or fever.

Nutmeg in Pumpkin Pie

Nutmeg can cause serious damage to the central nervous system. In extreme cases death. Seizures can also happen after ingesting nutmeg.



All dog owners know this. Chocolate is never good for your dog. Let your guests know not to give any to your dog or any food in general.

dog dreaming turkey


Before dinner begins it would be a good idea to keep your dog in another room. Or anywhere your pooch has no access to the food. When Thanksgiving dinner is over and the table is all cleaned up then you can bring out your pooch.

You should also educate your guests or just tell them not to feed your dog any food from the table. It’s hard to resist those puppy eyes… and say no. But your pooch will thank you. Being happy and healthy is a great gift and is something to be thankful for.

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