The Dog With The Paper Hat

the hero dog

Foster dogs will always need a loving family. And “Paper Hats” is helping these dogs get another chance at it. By taking paper and materials that are going to be recycled and turning them into something fun. Crowns, hats, and collars made from paper gives these adorable pups a touch of flare while having their portraits taken.

You can by these amazing prints right now. Half of the sales will be going to Bella’s Bully Buddies. A non profit dog rescue center in Baltimore helping these animals find homes. The organization is run by volunteers who spend their free time taking care of these loving dogs.

Some of the portraits have the dog’s face mirrored. People tend to show more emotion on the right side of their face. So doing this will make that expression twice as bright.

Make sure you pick up one of these pieces. They won’t be re-printed so once they’re gone, they are gone forever. Or better yet adopt one of these dogs or more!

A dog can bring so much joy and happiness into any life. They provide unconditional love and will always stay loyal to their owner(s).

More info here:

The Prince

the hero dog

Is This Nasus?

Captain on Deck!

All Hail The King

Her Queen Majesty

This Hat looks like the most fun

The Patriot

Anyone can make a hat or costume for their own dogs. It’s easy! Just grab some paper, scissors, and some tape or glue. Perfection isn’t the key, fun is. Your dog is going to love whatever you make. Hopefully they don’t get too excited and jump around in joy when you’re trying to take a picture.

If you ever consider owning a dog try not to shop at pet store or breeders. Adopting is always a better option, these dogs in shelters deserve a loving family and a second chance at living a good life. Animals in these shelters get over crowded making it much more difficult for the people volunteering and the animals being sheltered there.

Don’t shop. Adopt your next best friend.

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